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How Do I Become An Audio Engineer?
Joe Reineke | 1 October

Sound engineers may be also be referred to as recording or audio engineers The job-related responsibilities of these titles may

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What is an Audio Engineer: Career Info
Joe Reineke | 3 September

What is an Audio Engineer? An audio engineer, also known as a sound engineer, works with the mechanics of sound

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Check our new Audio Engineering Classes Video!
Joe Reineke | 6 August

Check out YouTube channel for more videos like this!

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SRA Founder, Joe Reineke sits down for an interview with ADAM Audio
Joe Reineke | 2 July

In a recent interview with ADAM Audio, our founder Joe Reineke sat down to discuss his start in the music

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Music Reform With Senate Judiciary Committee
Joe Reineke | 4 June

Today, members of the Recording Academy™ joined executives from across the music industry to testify on Capitol Hill about the

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Drum Compression
Joe Reineke | 7 May

When it comes to mixing drums, few things have studio newcomers tearing their hair out more often than compression. Is

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