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We are seeking the brightest individuals who are driven, committed and serious about learning. Previous audio training is not required, but considered valuable. We do require a passion for music and creativity, a sincere desire to be of service in this industry, being a team player with a great attitude and a readiness for success.

Additionally, a background in music, music theory and experience playing musical instruments are important building blocks. For our Sound Design for Video Games course, musical experience is essential along with an introductory-level knowledge of audio fundamentals. For our Audio Engineering program, musical experience is highly preferred. Whether you want to be the composer, or work with musical talent, a first hand understanding of music is key. Being able to speak the same language as your clients and hone your ability to identify creative opportunities in music is a great asset to providing quality services. Our advice for individuals without any musical background as of yet is to start now, and gain at least one year of dedicated daily practice. Experiment with composition, play music with other people and most of all have fun!

Last, discipline and dedication are key to success at SRA since our goal is to ultimately prepare students for the real world. Students must maintain and graduate with a minimum 3.2 GPA to earn their course certificate. Our courses are fast paced, beginning with the fundamentals and quickly build to advanced methods and techniques. We provide everything needed (and more) to successfully complete each course given we are met half way.