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Joe has over twenty five years professional experience as a musician, engineer, producer and is the owner of Orbit Audio, one of Seattle’s premiere recording studios. In 2014, Orbit Audio received a platinum record for its work on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ multi-Grammy-winning album, The Heist.

“I created SRA because I have been lucky enough to do what I love successfully and want to help others do the same. I wish this opportunity had existed when I started my journey, it’s an honor to be able to provide this now”

Joe has over twenty five years professional experience as a musician, engineer, producer and is the owner of Orbit Audio, one of Seattle’s premiere recording studios. In 2014, Orbit Audio received a platinum record for its work on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ multi-Grammy-winning album, The Heist. Joe brings a first-hand understanding of today’s music business, its demands and opportunities along with a stellar network of long-term relationships in the arts and music community. He’s been an independent audio educator for nearly a decade and is also an AVID-Certified Pro Tools Instructor.

Starting out as a fiery young musician in the 80′s punk scene, Joe soon became a leading songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, forming The Meices (San Francisco) in the 90’s, and later Alien Crime Syndicate (Seattle). His efforts resulted in three major label recording contracts (London, Warner Bros. and V2) along with numerous indie releases. His music has aired in thousands of film and television broadcasts internationally, and he received a Gold Record for his contribution to the soundtrack of the film Empire Records.

Karyn is a life-long musician, artist, writer and great communicator. She’s the owner of award winning artisan perfume company Pirouette in Seattle and brings over a decade of first-hand business experience. She understands the creative “spirit of business”, how our inner state is foundational to success, how awareness and empowerment lead to new opportunities and breakthroughs. Her zen approach offers widespread applications and a refreshing twist in today’s industry.

“You are your business”

John has been working in recording studios and producing records professionally for the past twenty years. He’s built many broadcast and recording studios for a wide range of clients and in 2013, he built and opened his own commercial recording studio here in Seattle, Quiet Please Recording. John’s dedicated his life to learning the alchemy and magic behind producing artful records that connect with their creators and listeners alike.

“Helping artists and musicians achieve their goals of producing a great record is a lot of hard work, but it’s also a very satisfying achievement. For me, this work is akin to a spiritual calling. It’s serious work, but if you know what you’re doing, it can be a lot of fun.” 

As a recording studio consultant and instructor, he’s had the honor of teaching and learning from a wide range of engineers and producers over the years. One of his favorite things about teaching at Seattle Recording Arts is that he gets to share these philosophies, techniques, and traditions with the next generation of great record producers.  He is grateful for opportunity to help guide the students at Seattle Recording Arts in this crucial part of their journey.
“No matter what you plan on building, a quality and stable foundation is the most important thing to start with.”

Brian’s passion for music started at a young age and he’s been pursuing the dream ever since. He’s an all-star graduate of SRA’s Audio Engineering program, and was so great, we decided to snatch him up for ourselves! Brian regularly assists as a right-hand man for the Audio Engineering course and is an AVID-Certified Pro Tools Instructor. He earned a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from Ryder University and during that time hosted his own radio show, started a label and began working as a DJ while exploring beat production. Brian works professionally as an Audio Engineer and producer at our very own Orbit Audio’s Studio B, specializing in hip-hop and electronic music, client highlights include Shordie Shordie, Ryan Lewis, TM88 and Rico Nasty to name a few.

Keith has been working in sound for video games for over a decade, contributing sound design to many titles. Keith is currently Audio Director at Holospark where his most recent releases “The Impossible Travel Agency” and “Seance: The Unquiet” have received critical acclaim.

“I believe that audio is the most important ingredient in any media project: It carries the narrative, communicates the emotion, connects directly to the user’s imagination and fully immerses them in the experience.”

Keith has been working in sound for video games for over a decade, and sound and music in general for most of his life. After completing a bachelor’s degree in the the liberal arts, he spent a few years playing in bands and working at music shops before going back to school to obtain a technical degree in audio production.
His first opportunity in the world of game audio was as at Microsoft Game Studios as a field recordist for the Forza and Project Gotham Racing franchises. While at Microsoft, Keith contributed sound design to many titles such as Crackdown, Fable 2, Gears of War 2, Mass Effect, Age of Empires: Asian Dynasties. After leaving Microsoft, he served as Audio Lead for MAG (Massive Action Game) at Zipper Interactive and as Senior Sound Designer on Unit 13, a launch title for the PlayStation Vita. He then returned to Microsoft as Audio Lead for the Xbox One launch title: Xbox Fitness. Soon after, Keith made his next move to Audio Director at Fun Bits Interactive, and is now currently Audio Director at Holospark where he has most recently released the critically acclaimed VR projects The Impossible Travel Agency and Seance: The Unquiet.

Stan has specialized in high-quality music for games and interactive media since 1995, including interactive music design, original music composition, orchestration and arranging, music production, mixing, mastering and integration. Stan frequently collaborates with other composers as an orchestrator, co-writer and co-producer.

Game composing highlights include: Destiny, Guild Wars 2, Peggle 2, Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures, Solitaire Blitz, Slingo, Wreckateer, Toy Soldiers, Full House Poker and many others.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Stan LePard began studying piano and writing original music at the age of 15. Within two years, he was performing professionally on keyboards, saxophone, flute and occasionally vocals.  During those early formative years, he performed many different styles of popular music, including funk, rock, jazz, blues, salsa, reggae, country western and western swing.
He graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Music Composition degree from Eastern Washington University, and in 1984 with a Master of Music in Jazz Education degree from University of North Texas. After graduating, he continued to perform in and write songs for bands playing original music in the Dallas area while also becoming more active as a composer for broadcast media, film, home video, corporate videos and museum installations.  During this period, his interests began to focus more on technology-based music styles such as electronic dance music and hip hop.
In 1994, he moved to Seattle and began creating music for interactive media.  He has since ridden the waves of several digital delivery platforms including CD-ROMs, websites targeting 56k modems, DVD-ROMs, game consoles and now mobile devices and web based Flash games.  As production values in each cycle rise, he has gained considerable experience working with orchestras, choirs and other musicians. Stan has currently contributed music to over 300 interactive media products.
Stan continues to specialize in linear and adaptive music for interactive media while occasionally producing music for linear media.  His music has subsequently been heard by millions in such diverse formats as video games, “edutainment” interactive media, operating system software, web sites and broadcast media.  He also frequently collaborates with other composers as a co-writer, an orchestrator and a co-producer of orchestral recording sessions.
Stan currently lives and works in Seattle, and occasionally he still finds the time to get together with friends to play music just for fun.