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We are excited to announce that we plan to offer an updated version of our Sound Design for Video Games course in an entirely virtual format starting in 2021. We’ll be updating the site and sending some newsletter announcements when we are ready to share all the fine details (we hope very soon!).

Scoring music isn’t limited to just the film industry anymore, video game music has grown to rival the sophistication and complexity of television and film scores, with new depths of creativity, innovation and a growing fan base in popular music culture. If composing music is your calling, you can put your talents to use in this exciting and diverse world of technology, and with over 300 gaming companies in the greater Seattle area alone, music is in demand.

In our new virtual course, students will work live with high-level Game Audio professionals, to learn various techniques on how to compose and score music, create sound design and effects, atmosphere and voices for different genres of games and how to place audio using middleware and game engines. Students will graduate with a demo reel, industry insights and value hands-on project experience that will up-level any resume.

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Applications: SRA accepts applications* on a “rolling” or first come basis, so early submissions are encouraged as our maximum class size for virtual courses is 12 students. The process entails an application form, a written essay, personal/professional references, a most recent transcript and a couple elective components such as including letters of recommendation and work samples if available. The final step is an interview/meeting with the school, which can take place in person or by phone depending on your location. A $75 processing fee will be due at the time of submission and all applicants will be notified in writing if they have been accepted or not. Those accepted will be given the opportunity to confirm or decline enrollment.
*Once our next Sound Design for Video Games course’s enrollment period opens up, we’ll make an application available for download on this page.
As an independent arts academy, we consider a host of factors including grades from a recent transcript, but do not review academic testing such as SAT scores. In addition to our courses being very advanced, fast paced and setting the bar for technical education, SRA students must maintain and graduate with a 3.2 or higher GPA in order to earn the course certificate, so we are seeking the brightest students who are driven and serious about learning.
Students who’d like to begin sound design training will need to already have experience with playing music as a prerequisite, and preferably some training in or understanding of basic music theory. We also require a passion for creativity, a sincere desire to be of service in this industry, being a team player, responsibility, dedication, a great attitude and a readiness for success. Students need to be at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate (or GED) to attend our programs. Students who will graduate and be of age by a program start date may apply in advance. Our courses are taught in English, so all applicants must be fluent.

We offer monthly virtual tour nights, this is a great time to see our unique campus, meet instructors and learn more about the programs. For a full listing of upcoming Tour Nights and Open Houses, please visit our Events and Campus Tours page.

We’ll be announcing the tuition costs for new virtual course shortly. Please check back with us for details, thank you!

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