Audio Engineering and Video Game Sound Design School in Seattle

Seattle Recording Arts

We are the number one school for music production and audio engineering in Seattle

Learn hands-on in a real recording studio with small classes, Pro Tools certifications, modern techniques with over 50 years of combined instructor professional experience.

A Sound Education

Small class sizes and individualized mentorship

We limit our classes to a maximum of eight to twelve students because we believe in quality over quantity and giving each student the attention they deserve.

The proven benefits of small class size include improved mastery of skills, better engagement, participation and active teamwork.

We believe in thinking outside the classroom, and that learning hands-on with real-world scenarios is what turns theory into true knowledge.

Audio Engineering students learn in our world-class studio, Orbit Audio, have access to our sought after collection of modern and vintage gear, and eventually produce and engineer sessions independently.

Sound Design for Video Games students work with live exercises involving real games, scoring, recording techniques and sound design projects, finishing with a portfolio of work and valuable project experience.

Pro Tools is the gold standard worldwide for studio recording and mixing software.

Get certified in Pro Tools with us, as official AVID Learning Partners we are the only school in the Seattle area that offers this industry recognized credential for both academic users and industry professionals.

With this skill-set you’ll graduate with a competitive edge and have the credentials to become a valuable asset to any studio worldwide.

Seattle Recording Arts is founded by veteran audio professionals who bring a legacy of knowledge and experience.

As industry thought-leaders and experts in their field, our instructors are able to share real working knowledge and provide individualized mentorship.

Our years of experience, focus and ongoing industry accomplishments mean that your education with us translates into a genuine advantage in the real world.

A dynamic set of business skills is key to success in audio.

Because the majority of professionals work as independent contractors and entrepreneurs, it’s imperative to understand the industry and gain these valuable skills.

As industry insiders, we know what makes someone hirable (or not), what’s desirable, relevant and what it really takes to be successful today and long-term.

Calvin K

I’m so glad I went to SRA, learning hands-on was super beneficial. The instructors were just fantastic and I learned everything I wanted to and more.

Brian W

The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and really care, I was able to ask questions and get help immediately. Learning hands-on allowed me to really understand and gain experience. I graduated feeling confident, with a greater skill set than I even expected. I wouldn’t be where I am now without SRA.

Mark K

SRA exceeded all my expectations. Each week I left with a deeper understanding. I was able to learn all the technical aspects of audio, but also came away with actual studio experience, which was amazing. It didn’t feel like class, it was more like an apprenticeship.

Virtual Tour Nights

Please join us for a fun and informative tour (via Zoom). We’ll introduce ourselves, share about our programming and walk you through a virtual tour of our onsite teaching facilities as well. Tours usually run about 60 minutes, with time for Q&A throughout and after. RSVP’s are required, please register by sending us an email and indicate which tour date you’d like to attend. A Zoom meeting link will be provided prior to the tour for access. // Upcoming Tour Nights – Tuesdays (6:30pm): November 10th, December 8th, January 12th and (Monday) February 1st.


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