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What SRA Graduates Are Saying

“My experience was unbelievably amazing in every way. Learning in a small class was not only beneficial, but crucial, in my opinion.  As a graduate, I feel I can confidently apply for work at any number of recording studios and be an asset there. It was one of the best years of my life, and I’d do it again in a second.” -Sindri E. (Audio Engineering)

“Learning with industry pros was amazing because you get a first hand perspective of what actually works and goes on behind the scenes. I tend to learn best hands on rather than reading or listening, and SRA provided that. It was a truly an invaluable class, I feel like I came looking for a skill and left with a profession.” -Olin M. (Audio Engineering)

“Hands on experience and a condensed, intensive part-time program, there is nothing else comparable to what SRA offers. Everyone was so great. It was exactly what I needed. It was awesome! I’ve already been using the skills learned in a professional capacity, my comfort in Orbit being a huge asset, which will transfer to any studio in the future.” -Ben R. (Audio Engineering)

“The teachers really care about the success of the students and the small class size allowed lessons to be more conversational. The program went above my expectations the whole way. This was the best school experience I have ever had. I loved all of the teachers, the environment, everything!” -Paul S. (Sound Design for Video Games)

“I’m so glad I went to SRA, learning hands-on was super beneficial. The instructors were just fantastic and I learned everything I wanted to and more.”  -Calvin K. (Audio Engineering)

“SRA provided me with a hands-on, project based education and real-world applicable wisdom. There was never an occasion where a question, concern, or interest was overlooked.” -Colin V. (Sound Design for Video Games)

“SRA is the perfect example of a well structured school, with top notch customer service, experienced and talented instructors and out of this world facilities and studio gear. I took the Pro Tools 101 and 110 courses to get my User certification and my instructor was so experienced and humble at the same time, and made me very comfortable while going through all the aspects of the material.” – Sergio G. (Pro Tools)

“There is no comparison to other schools. Learning from the best was irreplaceable, and we were given all the tools needed to succeed. The small classes were so great, and so was learning in a real professional studio. Being able to walk in any studio now and get to work immediately is only possible because of the way this course is structured and the environment we were learning in. SRA staff and instructors are just good people who are compassionate, understanding, and fun to be around.” -Brian R. (Audio Engineering)

“I felt really welcomed by this community, that my skills are valued, and that the teachers really want to see me succeed. I believe they will continue to be a part of my journey as I go forward, and that’s a really big deal to me. The instructors did their absolute best to help us build skills that are important to get a foot in the door of the industry. Learning not just the technical skills, but also the business side and networking, those are also so important and really make the difference in getting a job.” -Aileen P. (Audio Engineering and Sound Design for Video Games)

“Each week I left with a deeper understanding. I was able to learn all the technical aspects of audio, but also came away with actual studio experience, which was amazing. It didn’t feel like class, it was more like an apprenticeship. SRA went above and beyond on every level.” – Mark K. (Audio Engineering)

“The diverse background and character the instructors brought a lot of quality and richness to the learning, and they all take their craft very seriously. With the small class size, we really got special treatment from the instructors who offer a veritable cornucopia of knowledge and trade secrets. Gaining a fraction of what the teaching staff has to offer would be a great benefit to anyone in this field of study. I have a completely different perspective of sound design now from where I started, and feel as though I have personally leveled up. I was looking for a program with integrity, that cuts straight to the art of audio and I defiantly found that at SRA.” -Chad T. (Sound Design for Video Games)

“What I gained at SRA was exactly what I was looking for. The experienced staff and the facilities in which we were taught were crucial factors in choosing a program. Learning hands-on was extremely beneficial because you get to see firsthand how a proper studio works, and once you understand that, you can pretty much go to any other studio and have a solid idea of what’s going on. SRA definitely prepared me to get a head start in an industry where there’s a lot of competition to stand out.” -Andrew A. (Audio Engineering)

“The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and really care, I was able to ask questions and get help immediately. Learning hands-on allowed me to really understand and gain experience. I graduated feeling confident, with a greater skill set than I even expected. I wouldn’t be where I am now without SRA.”  -Brian W. (Audio Engineering)

“SRA will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to become a true audio professional. I couldn’t be happier with my experience! The small class sizes gave personalized and hands on access to learning in one of the best studios in Seattle. You graduate with a Pro Tools certification, as well as multiple recording sessions under your belt, so you have the confidence and experience to get out and start working as a professional. The amazing instructors all have years of experience in the industry and teach important networking and business skills that are invaluable to being successful after graduation. SRA offers the best program in the region to become an audio professional, and it has been one of the most exciting, engaging, and rewarding educational experiences I’ve ever had! If you are looking to start a career in the audio industry, SRA has everything you will need to follow your dreams and become a success!” -Sam S. (Audio Engineering)

“I can wholeheartedly say that SRA gave me the skills to start my career as an audio engineer. Joe Reineke, the school Founder and Senior Audio Engineering Instructor, tells you on day one that they don’t just hand these certificates out, you have to earn them. And over the course of the year, the instructors showed us everything they knew about audio engineering. The curriculum was intuitive and I was provided all of the materials and understanding I needed to make transitioning to freelancing a lot easier.” -Samantha C. (Audio Engineering)

“What stood out the most was how much career guidance is given from day one. Aside from knowing the course material, I overall have a better understanding of an Audio Engineer’s role and what to expect from myself. The Professional Tool Kit and post-graduation benefits are great assets included in the program. Learning from different instructors in the small class setting was really beneficial. Everyone on the SRA staff is really humble and genuinely wants to see their students succeed.  It was fun meeting musicians while assisting on projects with local artists in class too. The Live Sound and Guest Speaker days were awesome events leading up to the graduation. I definitely recommend SRA to other creatives.” Erin T. (Audio Engineering)